the emoji way

Have you ever sat staring at an emoji, wondering exactly what the other person mean by it?
Or happened to get into a conversation that got derailed by a misunderstood emoji, or even felt alienatied in a group that use emojis in a way youre not feeling familiar with?

It has happened to me and my family and friends and that is the gap in communication I aspire to bridge in this project.


Emojis has been said to be the body language and tone of voice in the modern communication of chatting and texting. We use them in our everyday life, both in personal life and in business.

Yet, we have not had millions of years of practise on reading emojis as we have had on body language. And emojis, just like some body language have acquired meanings from different groups of people and contexts. 

A study conducted by the GroupLens research lab at the University of Minnesota on emoji on 304 participants. Each participant was given a random selection of 15 of those 125 emoji renderings to interpret, resulting in a total of 4,560 emoji interpretations (about 37 interpretations for each emoji). 








My solution to this is an add-on app that will be linked to messenger apps. This app will make it possible for you to add your own defination to your emojis, sliming the chanses of  being misunderstood. 

These definations will be available for the people chatting with you when they klick or hover over your emoji, giving them a clearer understanding of your intention. 

It will for example look like this in facebooks messenger app: 

Klick or hover

over emoji


When someone click on the emoji the senders defination show up as illustrated here.


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This project is about the fun and challenging process of  creating this site.